Eco-Friendly Products Every Household Needs

Eco-Friendly Products Every Household Needs

In our previous article, A Beginners Guide to Massachusetts Energy Rebates and Incentives (2023), we talked about some of the most important incentives offered by the state of Massachusetts. In addition, we can do more in our households to make this eco-friendly legacy even more significant. One practical way to contribute is by integrating green products into our daily routines.

Here are some essential eco-friendly products that every Massachusetts household should consider:

1. Reusable Grocery Bags

In light of Massachusetts’ many towns and cities adopting plastic bag bans, reusable grocery bags aren’t just eco-friendly – they’re becoming a necessity. Opt for bags made of organic cotton, hemp, or recycled materials.

2. Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

Massachusetts’ energy rebate programs often feature these power-savers. They consume significantly less electricity and last longer than traditional bulbs, helping households reduce energy bills and carbon footprints.

3. Compostable Kitchen Waste Bags

With Massachusetts’ focus on reducing organic waste in landfills, these compostable bags are perfect for segregating food scraps and yard waste for composting.

4. Solar-powered Chargers

Harness the power of the sun! These chargers are perfect for Massachusetts residents, especially those who want to utilize the state’s solar incentives.

5. Water-Saving Showerheads

Massachusetts’ rivers and reservoirs are its lifelines. Save water with efficient showerheads that reduce flow without compromising on your shower experience.

6. Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Protect the Massachusetts coastlines and waterways by opting for cleaning agents free from harmful chemicals. Brands like Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s offer products that are tough on dirt but gentle on the environment.

7. Wool Dryer Balls

A sustainable alternative to dryer sheets, these reduce drying time, save energy, and naturally soften your laundry.

8. Reusable Water Bottles

With pristine springs and a focus on clean water, make the most of Massachusetts’ resources with a trusty reusable water bottle. Stainless steel or glass options are durable and safe.

9. Local Organic Produce

Support Massachusetts farmers by purchasing local, organic produce. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods, but it also bolsters the local economy and ensures fresh, nutritious meals for your family. Simply Google “local farms near me” and you will be able to find options that are most convenient to you.

10. Programmable Thermostats

With cold Massachusetts winters and the occasional hot summer, programmable thermostats allow households to use heating and cooling energy when needed most, cutting down on waste and expenses. Before we owned heat pumps, we enjoyed using Google Nest. However, since upgrading to heat pumps, our choice of programmable thermostats have been Ecobee. More options available in the link below.

Conclusion: Eco-Friendly Products for Residents

Making eco-friendly choices isn’t just about preserving the environment; it’s about crafting a sustainable lifestyle that benefits our communities and future generations. By integrating these products into our homes, we are not only investing in the health of our planet but also supporting Massachusetts’ vision for a greener tomorrow.

Please let us know in the comments below what you have experimented to go green in your household and neighborhood in or outside of Massachusetts. We’d love to learn more!

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