Our Mission

Easy and accessible go-green tips and tricks for the masses!

We are Massachusetts-based creators who want to make going green and sustainability a reality for residents and small business owners. With so many incentives available in the state of Massachusetts (aka MA, or Mass), we can make a tremendous impact on our environment and live better lives. 

Hey! I’m Fei (pronounced as “Fay”), a long-time content creator for tech and creative entrepreneurship for my company Feisworld Media, and I’m also the founder of Mass.Green.

Since 2016 I have been working from my home in Massachusetts and adopted a variety of green initiatives and energy-saving incentives to save money, share experiences, and live more comfortably.

Therefore I started this blog to help other Massachusetts residents, creators, and small business owners take advantage of unique policies and incentives through:

  • Real experiences from real residents and business owners of Massachusetts
  • Break down the barriers of sustainability education and make it more relevant and relatable
  • Share numbers, benefits, and challenges with the intent of helping us better understand and plan